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Web Design


Complete brand creation from colours, fonts, branding guideline book for all communications and PR, Logo forms for various applications.


Following on from creating the tech start-ups' brand, we moved to their launch website design and build with many features. 


Tasked with the challenge of creating a hero piece of media to appeal to their marketplace, within 1 month the 34 min documentary was viewed over 170k times.

Social Media

Launched and ongoing management of the tech start-ups' brand on social media across 7 social platforms with industry-leading success.

Email Marketing

Various email marketing campaigns tailored for various recipients; the public, potential customers, existing customers, sponsors, advertisers, employees, etc.


The Full Suite Of Works

If it's iClubs and you see it, then we did it!

iClubs provides a complete club operations solution through a software app to amateur and professional sports organisations and clubs, helping them to grow and fundraise at scale. Their combination of innovative technology and an agile business approach has positioned them as disruptors in their market.

Project Overview

We successfully developed a cutting-edge website for iClubs, an Irish-based tech start-up. The website showcases the unique features of the iClubs app, offering visitors an immersive experience into its capabilities.

Branding was a key element in our approach, as we aimed to create a seamless connection between the website and the iClubs app. By adopting a consistent visual language and incorporating the iClubs brand identity, we ensured that the website was instantly recognizable as an extension of the app. From typography to iconography, every element was meticulously designed to create a cohesive and harmonious experience across both platforms.

The design of the website embraces a modern look and exudes a sleek feel, capturing the essence of iClubs' forward-thinking approach. Clean lines, vibrant colors, and intuitive navigation were employed to enhance the user experience and make information easily accessible.

The successful collaboration between our creative agency and iClubs has resulted in a website that not only effectively showcases the app's features but also aligns seamlessly with the brand's identity as they transition from start-up to scale-up.


A key consideration for the launch of the new iClubs website was SEO. Increasing search visibility in Google and improving rankings for key search terms is the first step in increasing online conversions, so we undertook a detailed SEO review of the website; optimising urls, on page content and meta titles and descriptions as well as implementing a comprehensive 301 strategy before launch.

Lead Time

3 Months - including full branding, app store graphic design, full website design and build. 


Tech App

Target & Demographic

B2C - The client had two completely separate customers. Job seekers & organisations looking to hire new talent. Our challenge was to ensure that no matter which potential customer visited their new site they found the information they were looking for, easily. 

Features / Services

Full app showcase with a strong emphasis on achieving app downloads and signups. Showcase and demonstrate features to clubs and present pricing in an acceptable manner with consumer subconscious behaviour friendly. 

Branding & Logo

A modern tech font with a green colour palette with a gradient between #00D46B & #64DE56. This gradient was applied to the ball to represent the sports and each circle in side the ball represents everyone within the club becoming connected. 



Horizontal Version

Mono Black Version

iOS / Android App Icon

Mono White Version with graient

A 34-minute documentary telling the captivating journey of how Ballygunner won their first-ever GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Club Championship

The Gunners Way

Email Marketing & Comms

Monthly email marketing campaigns to potential customers through website and social media leads.

HR communication and company update emails to relevant employees and personnel.

Product support and updates to existing customers.

All email campaigns come with comprehensive reporting back to our clients and these stats can give you a deep understanding of your marketing and communication efforts. 

Untitled design.png

Social Media Marketing with a high drive on conversions

We grow and manage 8 different social media platforms for the tech start-up, iClubs generating a consistently strong return with conversions to sales leads and new customers.

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