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Everyone at Double L has a growth mindset & ambition to create inspiring work, push ideas to always deliver beyond expectations and we do it with a smile on our faces too.

Double L



Our Culture is to create work we're proud of and deliver results beyond expectations as our proven belief is that excellent customer service is the greatest business plan.

Our Space

Double L Media studio is located in the heart of Waterford City, at 1 Arundel Square. From our in-house office and studio, we service all of our nationwide clients and our international clients. We're an award-winning digital marketing agency that just happens to be located in Waterford.

Our Core Creative Team.

With a dynamic core creative team of diverse backgrounds, industry-leading talent with valuable experience, we seamlessly blend it all to craft captivating media and landmark campaigns. Our collective journey and rich individual experiences empower us to create unique narratives, unlock hidden potentials, and bring your vision to life.


Let us unleash the power of creativity together.

Founder | Head Of Creative



I'm Lloyd, Double L founder, born in Waterford, Living in Kilkenny, a tech start-up co-founder, and a keen boater (when it's sunny). My passion is the huge variety in day-to-day client interactions and on-site projects like video and photoshoots, and collaboration sessions where the next big ideas are born and our skill is to create and deliver them. When I'm not doing all that, I'm learning the most difficult sport in the world, equine show jumping.

Head Of Media Production



I am a versatile artist who seamlessly weaves together the worlds of photography, videography and graphic design while creating captivating visuals that helps our clients create a dynamic social presence. When I’m not behind the camera or immersed in the world of design, you can find me losing golf balls on the golf course where it reminds me even the best plans can end up in the rough.

Head Of Social Media


Mate Maher

Hi ! My name is Kirsten and I’m a roller skater, sea swimmer, radio presenter, social media manager, digital marketer, and content creator with a profound passion for the fashion, great outdoors and beauty industries.

My goal is to empower brands, inspire audiences, and create digital experiences that leave a lasting impact! 

Clients with trend-setting content and limitless digital marketing. 

We're the team our clients love and other agencies love not so much because we challenge ourselves and our clients to go further, do better, and push boundaries. When we question the expected, we discover new results through BIG IDEAS.   


So what makes us different?

Is the same reason our partners say they love us...
We take the time to capture the brief, yet other times our brief is a 30 second phone call, the difference? We love doing both!

Some partners give us free rein to deliver the best projects on their behalf and others like to take part in every detail, the difference? We love doing both!
Our local clients like our open-door policy of walking in to sit down with us and our global brands prefer remote communication, the difference? We love doing both!

Our core creative team have the right mix of fresh thinking and industry experience to create real impact for your business. In todays media rich world you need to think big and act differently to get people’s attention. A great idea brought to life across the right marketing mix can really make all the difference.

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