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Social Media


Our approach to social media marketing achieves the strongest ROI as we embrace the new era of social by understanding the ever-changing audience and customer behaviour.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Management is our bread & butter, We've been doing it since 2018 and we've become famous for our successful campaigns.

Strategy + Influencer

Digital Marketing doesn't work anymore without a clear short & long-term strategy. Boost your brand with the power of social influencers, done right!

Performance + eCommerce

Step up the results of your online sales with our expert traffic-driven digital marketing strategies & eCommerce development & design.

We help brands grow, proper.


Our social media campaigns & websites have gathered sales in excess of €2,000,000


We've achieved more than 1,000,000 engagements on our client social media accounts


Since we were born in 2018 we've reached more than 50,000,000 people for our clients. 

Our core creative team have the right mix of fresh thinking and industry experience to create real impact for your business. In todays media rich world we think big and act differently for your brand to get your audience's attention. A great idea brought to life across the right marketing mix really does make all the difference.

Going viral in front of the wrong audience equals zero return. Identifying the route to your ideal target audience and then going viral is key. #RealROI

Pineapple TV

If it's anything Digital & Marketing for Africa's No. 1 Kids TV channel, then we do it, with success!


Social Media, Website, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and more for tech startup, iClubs.

The Manicure Company

We've done Brand Ambassador / Influencer Workshops & Social Media videos for this major brand.

We're partnered with all the right giants

We have some of the leading digital platforms at our disposal to ensure a trusted digital delivery process, every time.

Grab attention with engaging content & BIG IDEAS on social media.

Social Media Manangement.

We'll do all your social media from start to finish for you or we'll collaborate with your team of 1 or 20 in-house marketing peeps.

Digital Marketing Strategy.

Taking the time to understand your brand, product, service, operations, customer base, and target audience allows us to create a tailored digital strategy.

Organic Content.

We create scroll-stopping content that wins the algorithm game to make you stand out from whoever it is you want to stand out from.

Paid Advertising.

It’s true: engaging content fuels 30% more overall growth and 10% better customer retention rate when delivered via bespoke paid advertising campaigns.




Video Marketing

5 years ago video marketing on social media was very important, today with Reels & TikTok it is crucial to success,

and we specialise in it.

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