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Tamarind Tales

Presented by various actors who are fluent in any of the 250 different languages spoken in Nigeria. Designed to preserve and bring the various languages to the attention of their viewers. Fullysub-titled. Target Audience: 12 to 18 year old's / family. Very well-viewed long standing show. 13 × 7 Minute Episodes

The Story Book

Celebrity's read African Folk Tales from inside a magical African Hut where anything can happen.
Designed to get children reading books again. We use illustrations to give as close a book-reading experience as possible. Target Audience: 4 to 16 year old's / family.  Premium Show 26 × 24 Minute Episodes

Pineapple TV Story

We sat down with Pineapple TV Media Productions Ltd. Founder, Carl Raccah to conduct and shoot a long-form interview on the Pineapple TV story. Telling the inspirational journey from idea to Africa's No.1 Kids TV Channel with 5m+ views every day. 

Pineapple TV is a generational initiative.

We're priviliged and excited to be a part of it everyday! We manage all of Africa's first Kids TV channel's social media platforms, PR communications, animation and new show launches and world premieres. 

More than just

a TV channel

Tosin's Story | World Premiere

A 30-minute animation with an inspiring anti-corruption message launched in the middle of the generational event, the 2023 Nigerian presidential election. The timing of the world premiere was critical as it resonated personally with millions of young people across the entire continent of Africa who were putting their lives on the line in an attempt to achieve change for the first time in living memory, unfortunately, corruption once again prevailed but the fight never ends.

A MacArthur Foundation backed campaign.

Cool Kids Cook

A cooking show presented by Ashionye Raccah. Designed to get Girls & Boys cooking. Healthy Eating and Kitchen Hygiene Tips addressed. Target Audience: 8 to 16 year old's / family. Premium Show which is very well received and extremely successful with their viewers
13 x 24 Minute Episodes


Kamsi & Ashioma, their two kid anchors, interview music stars from Nigeria & across Africa. The show is both inspirational & aspirational. Designed to bring the music stars that viewers love within reach of an under-18 audience. Pure entertainment and fun. Target Audience: 4 to 18 year old's / family. Premium Show. 13 × 24 Minute Episodes

African Animated Tales

Short Animations with African Folkloric Themes. Designed for pure fun and entertainment. Target Audience: 4 to 12 year old's / family. Very well accepted amongst parents due to the shows increasing educational element. Premium Show 13 × 7 Minute Episodes

Pineapple TV shows premiered with many Celebrities

2023-01-11 14_03_22-CKC-S1-EP2.mp4 - VLC media player.png

If it's online, web or social for Pineapple TV then we've done it

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